Regular Patient Policy. 

Care of the community is our core reason for being. You can expect excellence in everything that we do for you.

Regular patients are encouraged to make appointments in advance with the doctor of your choice for ongoing health needs.  This is so that your diabetes, arthritis, mental health, cancer care, asthma , blood pressure, cholesterol, skin condition , allergy or other ongoing condition is given the attention that it needs.  Health care plans are encouraged so that you and your doctor are very clear about what is best for your ongoing needs.  They can also help you access allied health such as physiotherapist, psychologist, dietician, podiatrist or optometrist with some medicare assistance (depending on eligibility of ongoing health condition)  If you do not have one already then please ask your nurse or doctor about this.

New Patient Policy

Our practice welcomes new patients. If you are new to our centre please call and book on the day you want to be seen. Existing patients are able to access certain pre-booking appointment times for future dates with some of our doctors. Online appointments are available via Appointuit.

In order to obtain comprehensive information on your past medical history, current health problems and medications, we may request you attend for a longer appointment the first time you are seen.


Pathology results will no longer be provided over the telephone. If you require your results outside an appointment with your doctor, please contact our clinic and a nurse will telephone you back (usually by close of business the following day) to assist you with your enquiry. It may be that the nurse is able to send you a copy of your results or it may be that your doctor requires an appointment with you to discuss the results. Our nurses are unable to provide a consultation over the telephone to discuss your results.

X-rays, ultrasounds and scans all require a follow-up appointment with the doctor to receive these results and will not be discussed over the phone.

Repeat Prescriptions  SCRIPT CLINIC  

In the interests of quality prescribing and safety of medicine use we have developed shorter on time appointments each day to see a doctor about your repeat prescription needs.   It is at a reduced cost but is not available with all doctors.

Please ask for a normal appointment if it is a new medication you are requesting, or there are other issues that you would like to see your doctor about.
If an issue arises during the consult then we will be able to help you with a further appointment at another time.

We are not able to provide phone requested prescriptions.


If you require Sickness or Compensation Certificates, you must make an appointment with a doctor. Legally, the doctors cannot write post-dated certificates to cover times that they have not seen you.

Specialist Referrals

Specialist referrals cannot be made over the phone. You must see your doctor prior to your specialist appointment to arrange a referral. The referral has valuable information about why you need to see the specialist and a lot of the information that they need to help you further.  It takes time and attention to be done well for your best outcome.

Home Visits

Home visits are provided on request to our regular patients where there is a genuine need. However, many medical and surgical problems can be better treated using the clinic facilities and each request will be assessed accordingly. If you require a home visit please ring as early as possible.


Cavenagh Medical uses an SMS as a courtesy reminder the day before your appointment. It is important that you respond to the SMS particularly if you are cancelling your appointment so that we may make the time available for other patients. If you do not wish to receive this service, please let reception know.

Workers Compensation

As a general rule we request that you pay for your workers compensation consultation on the day. You then present your receipt to your employer for reimbursement. Rates are set by government regulations.


The provision of quality health care is our primary concern. In order to provide this care, this practice is required to collect personal information from you regarding your general health, past medical or surgical events and family history. Without this general health picture, your treating doctor will be unable to plan your care appropriately.

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. It is not released externally without written consent. We have a legal and ethical duty to protect your information.

Patients who wish to access their information are welcome to discuss these matters with their treating doctor. A copy of our privacy policy is available on request from reception.


This practice does not accept e-mails as a legal form of contact. Any e-mails received regarding medical symptoms or conditions will be answered with, “Please make an appointment at your earliest convenience.” Due to insecurity of encryption processes, the practice of emailing any patient information is prohibited.


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